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Art on walls


Painting on walls is exciting.

Transforms the spaces in a unique way.

Imagine living in cities full of color instead of gray.

Street art and muralism bring art closer to the general public, cooperating with the culture of society.


I make murals on interior and exterior walls, considering the surrounding space and the needs of the place.

They are ideal for hotels, shops and institutions, to reflect the spirit of the company and fill the spaces of work, study or coexistence with inspiring energy.

I want a mural !

Message received. I will write to you shortly


Rita Almeida

Brasilia, Brazil


(original message translated from portuguese)

Dear Pedro, we are all very grateful for the painting you did in the center of our room. Several dancers have said that now we have a center below and another one above. Energetically a channel of light was created between heaven and earth. The divine presence manifests.

I love to dance and see all that golden light.

Thank you very much, your work is beautiful.


* Om Tare

Circular Dance Center

and Sacred - Brasília