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Your Sacred Geometry

Let's design a special painting together that will be your personal talisman.

Decorate your home with sublime art.

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Sacred Geometries are not only ancient and powerful symbols; they are designed with perfect math, reflecting the nature of the construction of this Reality.

Polyhedra are mirrors of the micro and macro aspects of this Universe. The golden proportions generate an image that makes us vibrate in harmony with nature.

A painting like this is a true treasure that will positively affect your days. That's why I like to call them medicinal works.

Choose your preferred Sacred Geometry.
Here are some meanings (you can find much more information on the internet):

Flower of life_edited.png

The Flower of Life represents the union of everything around life. It is the perfect pattern that contains the connection with the seed of life, representing the universe and life itself. It symbolizes unity within a sacred image and contains the lines that begin the creation of everything that surrounds us.

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You can purchase your Sacred Geometry now to reserve your place on the artist's commission list.

Or you can contact him first and then make the payment.

Images are only illustrative. You will define what the sacred geometry and colors will be. Your work will be unique and original.

How do you want your Sacred Geometry painting to be?

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You can also share your idea with me on WhatsApp.

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