I am an Argentine artist, specialized in Spiritual Art,

personalized paintings and murals.

I´m at the service of Art. Dedicated to creating works that bring spiritual and emotional benefits.

Soy Semilla
Soy Semilla
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"Let Your Light Shine" vayu & breath love
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Art that Inspires the Spirit

Personalized paintings to transform your life

I channel your painting, connecting with

your Being in a state of deep meditation.
When painting it I focus on the
message you want to convey.

They are a unique treasure,

born from your soul, to bring

healing, inspiration, harmony and transformation in your life.

Together we will imagine the perfect painting for your home, your workplace or to make a special gift.

They can be in all styles and sizes.

This personalized work will accompany you, inspiring your life and that of the people around you.



Did you know that you can imbue with subliminal messages everything you create with your hands?

From a plate of food to an artistic work.

I perform my works focused on specific messages that bring healing, spiritual awakening, inspiration, life force.

That is why when people see the p