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Overview of my journey as an artist


I was born in Buenos Aires in 1981.


Seeing my interest in drawing and painting, my parents got me involved in my first art studies at an Academy near our home, between the ages of 7 and 12. This process nurtured my love for art and inspired a journey that is now a fundamental part of my life.

Then, in my early twenties I studied for Bachelor in Visual Arts at the National University of Arts Institute (IUNA). I got the opportunity to study with masters like Carlos Scannapieco, Elsa Soibelman and Carlos Fels, among others.


Currently I show my work in solo and group exhibitions and share it daily via the web.

In addition to my studio practice, I've been recently involved in street art, painting murals in cultural centers, local businesses and institutions.


The large walls and canvases allow me a greater freedom of expression, the use of the whole body, the experience of speed and adrenalin.

The walls is where my passion flourishes and easel paintings is where the concepts and ideas that most interest me become alive.


I currently seek to represent the meditative journey inside, the different dimensions that interact, energy vortices, fractals, similarity between micro and macro, death and rebirth, regeneration, mandalas, sacred geometry, new science.

For this, I use in some works a varied and intense chromatic palette, looking for a high visual impact on the spectator that will lead to inspiration and motivation for life. Other times I prefer the mutation and mysterious effect that cause the iridescent, metallic and fluorescent colors.

I made some works on silk embroidered with threads of iridescent effect.

I also developed a long series of works called “Luminous un-paints”  which consist in fabrics previously dyed and then faded with bleach. These works can be illuminated from behind, giving a very interesting effect.


I'm in constant development of interior work, including deep meditations, spiritual retreats, trips, shamanic experiences, vision search and diverse experiences of self-knowledge and healing in my life. The results of this inner work, inspire and motivate my work.


While I paint I try to be in an intense tune with a purpose behind the work. A purpose can be, for example, that this painting will inspire others to find their own path to the reconnection with their own internal being.



"As above so below, as below so above"

"Nothing rests, everything moves, everything vibrates"

“Extremes meet; all paradoxes may be reconciled "


extract from the "The Kybalion"

My works are in different parts of the world. Original paintings have already been purchased by individuals and institutions from United States, Canada, Germany, India, Singapure, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Venezuela, Mexico...

The trip just begins ...


Group and solo shows, murals and live painting


  • 2018 - 2023: Constant growth in international sales. Institutions, businesses and individuals from more than 20 countries acquire original works by Vayu

  • 2017: 2nd  South America Tour:

            August: Mexico:                     

                    Mexico City: custom paintings  and live painting         

           October:  Colombia:                      

           Bogotá: custom paintings  and live painting          

           November: Uruguay:                      

           La Paloma: big mural (10 x 8 mtrs) in Hotel Boutique Zen. + Custom paintings  and live painting

  • 2016:  South America Tour:

           May-June: Brazil :

                    Curitiba: 2 murals, custom paintings  and live painting
                   São Paulo: live painting
                   Brasilia: murals, custom paintings, live painting
                   Bahia: murals, custom paintings,  live paintings
                   Recife: live paintings
                   Vitoria: custom paintings,  live paintings
                   Rio de Janeiro: custom paintings, live paintings
          July-August: Colombia :
                    Bogotá: live paintings, custom paintings
                    Medellín: custom paintings,  live paintings
                    Cali: custom paintings, live paintings
                    Pereira: custom paintings, live paintings
          October-September: Mexico :
                    Tampico: custom paintings,  live paintings
                    City of México (DF): custom paintings,  live paintings
          November-December: Guatemala City: mural

  • 12/4/15:  Exposition  in New York . 11 East main street, Bay shore. 11706

  • 6/27/15: Live painting  // Organized by Zero Borders //  in Ollivers Club // Bs.As

  • 6/5/15: Show of serie “Eros” // in Multiespacio Koroba // Bs.As

  • 5/9/15: “I'm creating a network” // Organized by Stratos Arts // solo show + live painting //  Mercedez Sosa Foundation // Bs.As

  • 1/5/15: “Somos Bosque” show of "Luminous un-paintings" Luminous paintwork // in El Universal // Bs.As

  • 3/24/15: “Fly”  Mural in Vuela El Pez, art club // Bs.As  


  •   9/25/14: Show of new paintings // in El Universal //

  • 8/19/14: Painting a live mural "tribute to Spinetta" // in El Universal // Bs.As

  • 4/23/14: “Winter Confessions”, collective show // in PimPamPum // Bs.As

  • 7/4/14: Two murals for the short film "The unknown" // Director: Sofia Rovaletti // Bs.As

  • 2/3/14: Live painting in “Festival FLASH” // Ciudad Cultural Konex // Bs.As


  •   12/31/13: “Transformation of a Universe: 3 murals // in El Universal // Bs.As

  • 11/18/13: Live painting “Live in Santa Fe” // Grupo Sancor Seguros // Santa Fe, Argentina

  • 3/11/13: Live painting in "Journey to the center of music" // in Fly the Fish // Bs.As

  • 8/9/13:  Mural "Tomorrow is better" Tribute your LASpinetta // in Vuela el Pez // Bs.As

  • 5/9/13: Live painting in large size: 2x2 mtrs. " // in Fly the Fish // Bs.As

  • 3/16/13: “Speed live painting” // in El Mandril // Bs.As


  • 12/17/12: Solo show:  "Fractals"  21 works  // in Fly the Fish // Bs.As

  • 2/5/12: Live painting // in La Oreja Negra // Bs.As


  • 12/21/11: Live painting “Tribute to Charly García” // Vuela El Pez // Bs.As

  • 12/18/11: Live painting // "The Magic Lantern" // in Ciudad Cultural Konex // Bs.As

  • 12/1/11: Live painting // Fm La Tribu // Bs.As


  • 10/7/10: Live painting // Admifarm event // in Bs.As Design.  


      2001 to 2004:  my early days  


  • Group show "Images of the national congress" in  Chamber of deputies Argentine National Congress. 

  • Group show of speed paintings organized by the Argentine Navy

  • Award and exhibition at the contest organized by the city of Buenos Aires and the "Asoc. Av.Santa Fe friends".

  • Second prize in the painting competition organized by the Association Friends of the tram.

  • Exhibition and prize in the painting competition "in situ" of Patagonia organized by the Ministry of culture and the province of Neuquén.

  • Medal and group show at the annual Salon XLIV spots of the city of Buenos Aires

  • Medal and group show at the 45th annual spots of the Museum Sivori. Buenos Aires.




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