How is the painting of your dreams?

Is it a figurative or abstract image?

Design with the client the ideal work to give new color and energy to any type of space.

You choose the theme, the colors and the size, or you tell me your idea and I help you imagine your personal painting.


Some of the personalized works that I have already done were landscapes of memorable places, animals, portraits of loved ones, works of spiritual themes, etc. It can be whatever you want in the style you want: realistic, expressionist, impressionist, abstract.


We create together?

I want my Original Customized Work

Complete the form and in a short time I will send you a quote, with payment options and shipping prices.

Once approved we will begin to design your dream work together.

Selection of recent custom works

Some of the clients from Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia and Brazil

Sandra Ribé

Mexico City

( translation of the original message in Spanish )


Peter this work is a clear message of my divine Jesus through you! For 2 years I continue to impact its beauty and great significance in my life! Thanks for your great gift !

Demian Adler

Buenos Aires, Argentina

( translation of the original message in Spanish )


I have a beautiful portrait of my son that is hanging in the center of the living room. Not only is the painting itself beautiful, but it also rescues my son's energy and his peaceful gaze. Thank you Vayu for existing in the world.

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