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Healing House

Em Curitiba-PR, Brazil

Jul 2018

* Saturday  14  

From 11am to 6pm

Espaço Maydê


simple and natural year


with a new perception


or velho to receive or novo


to vontade


corpo e emoções


eat soul

Temazcal is one of the most ancient practical non-domain of natural and holistic healing medicine. The leaflet is practiced based on traditional healing methods used ancient Indian hair from North and Central America. Also called "Casa das Pedras Quentes", its effect follows the same physical principle of two Turkish banks in North Europe: it is a dated structure of small dimensions that introduced pre-acidic porous stones on the embers. Inside is splashed with water and essences em tais stones by preenchendo or Interior with steam. On the action of warm heat, different activities are proposed to the participants, as they produce different experiences and create a variety of effects.

This circular structure acts as a vortex of energy, where great power is manifested: intuition, understanding, forgiveness, freedom from conflicts or traumatic experiences. It is a portal or access to a different state of thought, where it is easy to experience reality.

In the presence of heat and drainage, together with sabedoria das anciãs (vulcanic stones) it facilitates the care of doenças do corpo e da alma, as those linked to dor and medos.

Opportunity to connect with spiritual essence, discovering or true healing within oneself, experiencing a Universal and sacred feeling, not simple and natural.

Casita Sanadora performs this ceremony in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 10 years ago. In the last two years, I also inaugurated a temazcal in Guatemala and Colombia. On the turn of 2018, we will also start activities  Not Uruguay, Brazil and some European countries.

At high temperature the steam generates the following physiological reactions:



1. or relaxamento of the muscular system, or relieves two spasms, dorsal coasts, dores us joelhos and lathezelos, relieves rheumatic and dormant diseases (arthritis and arthrosis), problems of torcões, shock, inflammation, etc. Isto melhora or nervous system and helps to eliminate stress, insomnia, nervousness, etc.



2. The increase in blood circulation collaborates with the cure of varicose veins, varicose ulcers, sleep of hands and feet, high or low pressure, etc. It facilitates established processes in the whole or the body especially or the cardiopulmonary circuit. Dilation of two blood vessels allows the bleeding to reach the most hidden places in the body, facilitating the transport and removal of toxins from the body, as well as the elimination of uric acid, cholesterol, etc.



3. at clear vapor temperature or respiratory system. The bronchial tubes are expanded and allow to expel catarrh and small accumulated toxins that can pass through the bloodstream to the lungs. Treats Thai conditions like: flu, bronquite, asthma, sinusitis, etc.


4. or increase in the production of white blood cells from the body, active and melhora or immune system.



5. Or sweat as via, eliminates liquids and accumulated fat, detoxifies or body skin. Also, as a person can cleanse your body of uric acid, it also cooperates in the elimination of fat, helps in skin problems (acne, pimples and craves) and digestive activity of the intestine and melhorada.



6. All this together with a general rejuvenation of the body, especially or relaxation, which, together with various stimuli, promotes the release of non-brain endorphins, indirectly, induces the production of hormone growth and primary responsibility for rejuvenation. .



7. The psychological and spiritual effects of the temazcal are a vehicle to treat problems such as medos, panic, depression, claustrophobia and favors feeling emotional. Simply put, clear or body fight producing an increase in perception. Due to its characteristics, it is a practical aperfeiçoamento pessoal.



Freed from burdens, or human being can contact with his own spiritual essence. This is understood as a simple experience of expanding the state of consciousness, allowing the fall - totally or partially - of the psychic defense systems. The creative unconscious provides a new way of seeing things like that.


For the human being to be in complete equilibrium, he must keep all his natural elements balanced: water, earth, wind and fire.


Após to saudar the four pontos cardeais and feita uma cleanliness with smoke of wood or natural resins such as copal, palo santo or other perfumes. Also, each participant enters the enclosure affected by vulcanic stones to perspire as doenças, clean to fight and face Medes.

They lead:




Deeksha giver started at Oneness University (India)  



Deeksha giver and  Advancer trainer started at Oneness University (India)  


How to prepare for o Temazcal:


. It is necessary to go to Temazcal if you have eaten a lot, even if you drink coffee every day.

. No day before, I didn't sleep too late.

. Avoid any kind of excess.

. On the day of the ceremony, do not put perfumes, deodorizers or makeup.

. Contact lenses must be removed before entering.

. Carry a towel and a towel to keep yourself warm.

. É bom drink water before the após or temazcal. Bring water to drink  and some fruits to share.

Tudo isso will be beneficial to your trip.


For the temazcal we enter with a banho dress, so women can wear a banho saida too.

Notices / counter-indications:

A practice is not recommended for people with severe heart disease, claustrophobic, hyper or chronic hypotensive, open comedies, fighting problems that are affected by intense heat. Post-operative with less than 2 months.

Troca value: R $ 150.00

Limited vacancies. Enrollment até 8 days before each event.

  inscriptions  and  inquiries

about or  temazcal:

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Venue of the event

R. Virgilio Arcie, 98 - Capivari

83415-140  Colombo-PR

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