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At the moment we are doing Temazcales only in Villa Elisa, Entre Rios.

Villa Elisa is a Termas area.

Take the opportunity to treat yourself to a Termas and Temazcal Detox weekend.

We help you with all the information for accommodation.

enter here if you are interested in this proposal:

Back to simple  and natural

Be reborn

with a new perception  


the old to receive the new


the will


body and emotions


with the soul

Temazcal is one of the oldest practices in the realm of natural holistic and healing medicine. As practiced today, it is based on the traditional healing methods used by the ancient indigenous people of North and Central America. Also called "hot stone house", its effect follows the same physical principle as that of the Turkish baths and those of northern Europe: it is a closed structure of small dimensions in which porous stones previously heated to red-hot are introduced. Inside, water and essences are splashed on such stones, filling the interior space with steam. Under the action of this humid heat, different activities are proposed to the participants, which produce different experiences and generate a variety of physical effects. This circular structure acts as a vortex of energy where intuition, understanding, forgiveness, liberation from conflicts or traumatic experiences are manifested with great power. It is a portal or access to a different state of thought, where it is easy to directly experience reality. The presence of heat and darkness, along with the wisdom of  Old women  (volcanic stones) facilitates the healing of diseases of the body and soul, such as those that have to do with pain and fear. They give the opportunity to connect with the spiritual essence, discovering the true healer within oneself, experiencing the Universal and feeling the sacred in the simple and natural.

High temperature and steam generate the following physiological reactions:

1. Relaxation of the muscular system, relief of contractures, back pain, knee and ankle pain, relieves rheumatic diseases and their pain (arthritis and osteoarthritis), problems of sprains, bumps, sprains, inflammations, etc. This same improves the nervous system and collaborates in the elimination of stress, insomnia, nervousness, etc.

2. The increase in blood circulation collaborates with the healing of varicose veins, varicose ulcers, numbness of hands and feet, high or low pressure, etc. Facilitates repair processes throughout the body, and especially in the cardiopulmonary circuit. The dilation of the blood vessels allows the blood to reach the most recondite places in the body, facilitating the transport and expulsion of toxins from the body, as well as the elimination of uric acid, cholesterol, etc.

3. The temperature and steam clears the respiratory system. The bronchial tubes expand and allow the expulsion of phlegm and small accumulated toxins that can pass from the bloodstream to the lungs. Treats conditions such as: flu, bronchitis, asthma, sinusitis, etc.

4. Increasing the production of white blood cells in the body, activates and improves the immune system.

5. The sweat path by eliminating accumulated liquids and fats, detoxifies the body and skin. In this way, a person can purify their body of uric acid, collaborate in the elimination of fat, help with skin problems (acne, pimples and pimples) and in the digestive system intestinal activity is improved.

6. All this together leads to a general rejuvenation of the body and mind, especially relaxation, which together with the various stimuli that promote the release of endorphins in the brain, indirectly induce the production of growth hormone, the main responsible for rejuvenation.

8. The psychological and spiritual effects of the temazcal are those of treating things such as fear, panic, repression, claustrophobia, etc., and favoring emotional catharsis. The simple act of cleansing the body and skin produces an increase in perception. Due to its characteristics, it is a practice of personal improvement.

Freed from these charges, the human being can make contact with his own spiritual essence. This is what is known as a simple experience of expanding the state of consciousness, allowing the psychic defense systems to fall -partially or totally-. The creative unconscious provides a new way of looking at things.

For the human being to be in complete balance, he must keep all his natural elements in balance: Water, Earth, Wind and Fire.

After greeting the four cardinal points, wood or vegetable resins such as copal, palo santo, or other perfumes are cleaned with smoke. Thus each participant enters the enclosure heated by volcanic stones to sweat out illnesses, cleanse the skin and face fears.

They lead:



OAD Deeksha giver started at Oneness University (India) 

Meditation guide  



OAD deeksha giver and  Advancer trainer started in  Oneness University (India) 

Ancestor liberation rituals




Man of Fire. 

Naturopath.  Zen-shiatsu therapist.  Floral Therapist. Thai massage. Integral Yoga Instructor.  Shantala massages for babies. Naturist cuisine and nutrition

LuchoZenbajaresoletral with lyrics_edited

How to prepare for the Temazcal:

We meet at the site at 10.45 in the morning and leave at 6 in the afternoon  approx.

During the day of the temazcal try to eat healthy and avoid consuming meat and alcohol 

Do not use perfumes, deodorants  no makeup.

Bring a towel and clothes to keep warm on the way out.


It is good to hydrate well before and after the temazcal. Bring water to drink.


All this will be beneficial for your trip.

We enter the temazcal with swimwear, women can also wear a sarong.

Warnings / Contraindications:

It is not advisable for people with severe, claustrophobic, chronic hyper or hypotensive heart conditions, with open wounds, skin problems that are affected by intense heat. Post operative not less than 2 months.

photos of past events

a perfect day,

to cleanse the body

rediscover nature and  

learn from the elements

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