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Art that inspires the Spirit

Do you imagine a painting specially painted to positively affect your life?


With another type of painting or with prints of classic painters, you can simply decorate your home or workspace.

I offer you a work that will become a precious treasure for you, as you will experience day by day how this work radiates a special energy, which brings you exactly what you need.

The process of realization is magical. When I meditate and connect with you I have a very clear vision of how the work will be. It is a kind of gift that I receive, a divine message.



Connect with your desire for transformation. What is your intention to capture in your painting?

What do you need in your life? Balance, health, inspiration, protection, energy, harmony?


Tell me your intention,

and the ideal size of the painting.

You can tell me if you have any specific idea that you want in the painting ( form, colors, etc.)


I will contact you shortly to define details (design of the painting, payment method and shipping)


I start painting connecting with your soul through your name and using powerful mantrams and meditations to channel the ideal work for you


Finished the work I will send you a photo of it.

After your approval

I will make the delivery of the work by mailing. The painting will be rolled and properly protected. You will receive a tracking code.

Upon receiving the work, you frame it and it is ready to be enjoyed


I want my custom painting !

Complete the form and in a short time I will send you a quote with

payment options and shipping prices.

Once approved we will begin to design your dream painting together.

Thanks for your message! I will contact you by mail as soon as possible


Cida L.

Brasilia, Brazil

(original message translated from Portuguese)


I am immensely grateful that you bring me this wonderful treasure.

It is a living painting, it has a very strong and loving vibration.

It's a huge blessing to have her here with me.

Every day I meditate in front of her.

Thank you cute friend

Every day I thank you for this wonderful gift !


Juan O.

Entre Rios, Argentina

(original message translated from Spanish)


Thank you very much dear brother for the art and the love with which you have flooded in brushstrokes our space to make the accompaniment of our patients more pleasant in their process of transformation of Health, the Torus Center family thanks you from the heart.

Thank you again for giving us a corner that transports us to another dimension where everything is possible!


Christiane B.

Curitiba, Brazil

(original message translated from Portuguese)


The picture you painted for me, Pedro, was very beautiful and has caught the attention of the people who come to my office. I like the light, delicate colors you have chosen. I am very happy with this work and the sublime energy it radiates. Thank you, my friend!

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