La Chozna

rural hotel

About the hotel house: 

LA CHOZNA is a country house from the year 1900 recycled to new, preserving its essence, it is a unique place! It has that beauty of a country house, warmth and history. Surrounded by pure countryside, plants and a horizon that is lost in the distance. Waking up with that variety of birds singing is a must. 

The inn has 5 rooms with individual bathroom and kitchen for common use; grill, gallery, large park and pool overlooking the field. 

In the Chozna we will be sharing rooms. The idea is to just bathe and sleep in this space. The rest of the time we will be focused on the activities in the 5 GURISES field. All meals will also be in the 5 Gurises camp, therefore this accommodation is just a space for the hours of rest on Saturday night after the "sensitive night".

There will be no laundry service. You have to bring your sheets and towel. When you register we will remind you what things to bring to make your retreat.