I am an Argentine artist, living in Brazil and Argentina, specialized in Spiritual Art, personalized paintings and murals.

I´m at the service of Art. Dedicated to creating works that bring spiritual and emotional benefits.




Art that Inspires the Spirit

Personalized paintings to transform your life

I channel your painting, connecting with your being in a state of deep meditation. When I paint it, I focus on the message you want to convey. They are a unique treasure, born of your soul, to bring healing, inspiration, harmony and transformation in your life.


Do you imagine a painting specially painted to positively affect your life?

Did you know that you can imbue with subliminal messages everything you create with your hands?

From a plate of food to an artistic work.

I perform my works focused on specific messages that bring healing, spiritual awakening, inspiration, life force.

That is why when people see the paintings I do they experience pleasant sensations. They feel alive, animated, full of a renewing energy. These works could be considered medicinal, paintings of healing, or as I like to call them “Inspiritual”, because they Inspire the Spirit.

You imagine one of these works affecting positively every day of your life?


I make murals for interiors and exteriors of private homes, companies, institutions, hotels and any place that needs to express Life, color and emotion.

Professional, creative and timely work


Together we will imagine the perfect work for your home, your place of work or to make a special gift.

They can be in all styles and sizes.

This personalized work will accompany you, inspiring your life and that of the people around you.

Clients comment

Mariane Tokarski 
Palmeira, Brazil

( translated from portuguese )

It is with great joy and gratitude that I share my feeling about your paintings of Pedro Vayu!

The first work, Pedro asked what I would like for my life and my home and I answered without a doubt: BALANCE! Days later he presented me with a beautiful canvas with sacred geometry, with many colors and details that present themselves in different ways, with different messages to each look!

They are in my home and I feel very strong the energy field they have created, cleansing, harmonizing and blessing my life and my family.

Daniel Bellone

L.A, California, USA


Pedro "Vayu" Gallinger has always surprised me with his work. It is his wonderful ability to translate into images the deepest and most elevated feelings we have as human beings that makes him stand out from most of the artists I know. The detail, colors, vibration and energy of his works is simply extraordinary! I have used several of his works for my album covers and they have always been received with great admiration! Thanks Vayu!

Leandro Lorenzo

Buenos Aires, Argentina

( translated from spanish )


Many years ago I follow the work of Vayu. His paintings, as well as beauty, transmit me very positive vibrations. This image that I am attaching is a painting that Vayu made for the cover of my band's first album (Camarones del aljibe - Sin tiempo). The painting expresses exactly what I conveyed to him when I commissioned the work and perfectly captured the essence of our music. We are very happy and grateful and we continue to be amazed to see his new works.

Thanks infinite Pedro

Bruno Shanti

Curitiba Brazil


(translated from portuguese)

Paintings that convey the purest connection with God! They are true portals that emanate and connect us with all the light of the most subtle dimensions! Gratitude my great brother for bringing this to “Buddhi Yoga”.

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